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About Us

“When we have the opportunity to do good to anyone, we should do it.”


We are just another drop in the ocean with an urge and passion to do good in every way possible.

However this does not differentiate us from others, who are already working on this mission of being socially responsible and trying to protect the planet that we live in.


Is to ensure that every helping-hand stretched to help the needy, poor and the destitute, truly fulfils its purpose.

  • This website is intended towards extending our own charitable deeds. So, it is all about contributing to Good Causes from profits that the website would make through its Sales. 
  • We are an addition with a unique touch to the overall cause.
  • Our focus is on engaging with the public to move forward in helping the needy, the poor and the underprivileged.
  • We will network and work closely with legitimate businesses who shares our vision.
  • Our activities and initiatives are based on 100% transparency.
  • All our practical initiative-driven task implementations will be through careful observations and involving public thoughts and suggestions.
  • We encourage and welcome skilful underprivileged people to use our e-commerce platform to sell their handmade products as an additional income for their wellbeing. 
  • We invite Colleges/Institutions,Universities and Local Councils to share & educate the public with their good-cause initiatives.
  • We invite all Charity Organisations to promote their causes free using our website.
  • We just want anyone and everyone’s giving to truly fulfil its purpose in its entirety. We hope and aim to create a better tomorrow by establishing a network of like-minded people who share our Vision. 

“All purchases from Globeneed will certainly enable us to help the Poor & the Needy better.”

“Let us not become weary in doing good”

We strongly believe that suggestions and comments from the public is what would bring in CHANGE, please email your Suggestions and Comments for Change.


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