Get green fingered in your city

As we get out and about to enjoy the array of parks across the UK, in the sunshine (hopefully!) we look at how we can help maintain and build parks with Trees for Cities.

8 out of 10 people in the UK now live in a city and rely on the open space that is available to them in local parks. Those tress in our parks provide numerous vital services to the environment and society; making the landscape more attractive, cleaning and cooler our air, reducing noise and providing a much-needed home for a multitude of species.  

By growing and looking after trees in our area, it encourages a sense of community spirit and working towards a project that people can feel proud of. Trees for Cities aims to bring communities together by growing stronger neighbourhoods, enhancing urban landscapes and improving health and happiness. Since starting the project in 1993 they have planted over 600,000 trees in cities as part of their Urban Forests campaign which stretched nationwide from Lambeth to Leicester, Ealing to Leeds.

They have also worked on Edible Playgrounds which transform areas of school grounds into vibrant outdoor spaces, which then teach children about growing and eating healthy food. 

It’s not only on home soil that Trees for Cities are making a difference, they have also planted over 200,000 trees in 16 cities in 13 countries from Peru to Kenya to Nepal. 

If you’re looking to join their projects, there are opportunities to volunteer from October – March. 

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