Help Students Affected by Generational Poverty

Without Teachers, Life would have no CLASS

What can teachers do to help students affected by generational poverty?

Let’s take it Slow and Steady… Shall we?

Step1 Culture.
Step 2 Lives.
  • Step 1  – Creating a positive classroom culture – (We have started our Teacher2Students Initiative to begin with)
  • Step 2 – Trying to make a difference in students’ lives affected by generational poverty.

Our Teacher2Students initiative is all about collecting individual classroom needs from Teachers who work with students affected by generational poverty and communicate those needs with the rest of the World, seeking collective help.

All support and help will be in the form of arranging school uniforms and shoes to providing books and school bags.

Any suggestions for Initiative-improvement are more than welcome

TEACHERS! Make the World see what you feel and experience...

Help Students Affected by Generational Poverty



Thank you!

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Need Help?

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but first we need to know what help is needed?

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